Habitecture Design

Residential design for remodels, additions, and new homes.

Habitecture is a Seattle-based residential design firm. We work with you to construct buildings that reflect your individuality, while providing a supportive and healthy living environment. 

For over 20 years, we’ve enriched residential and commercial spaces that inspire and promote a healthy living. Our designs reduce waste and energy consumption, improve indoor air quality and your overall health, and can save you money while increasing your home’s value.

We believe architectural design is a people business. We’d love to get to know you, learn about your aspirations, and work with you to turn your vision into a beautiful, functional home.

Our goal is to construct a home you love. Let’s build one together.

About Joanne Olsen

Founder of Habitecture Design

Joanne listens to what you want in your space and translates those ideas into built form. As a single family home designer with two decades of experience, Joanne takes the time to understand your goals and dreams, and helps you identify how to express yourself through home design. She loves collaborating with you and a team of contractors and engineers to create a comfortable, practical, and inspiring space for you to live in.

When she’s not designing homes, Joanne loves the outdoors. She hikes, camps, snowshoes, and tends to her garden as often as time allows. She also loves taking road trips and discovering new destinations. Her design skills extend to various art projects, including painting, pottery, photography, knitting, and sewing. She also enjoys helping her partner with his film and music video projects.

Joanne Olsen

Joanne listens to what you want in your space and translates those ideas into built form.

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