You deserve a supportive, healthy living environment.

Quality design comes from listening, collaborating, and creating comfortable, beautiful, high-performing sustainable buildings. You deserve a space that’s energy efficient, made with healthy materials, and feels like home.

Here’s how we can help:

Residential Design

Residential design is a collaborative process, especially during the design and construction phases. We start by listening to your goals and ambitions, and getting a sense of your energy and who you are. Then, we help create a healthy environment you’ll love to live in. Here are a few of our specialties:

The beauty of backyard cottages is in their versatility. They are perfect for:
  • Supporting aging parents
  • Special needs family member(s)
  • Passive income
  • Art studios
  • Creating a Zen space
  • Transform a room’s structure, layout, or style to improve functionality and promote a greener environment. Healthy interiors are more energy efficient, substantially improve air quality, and can make you feel at home.
  • Your addition must integrate with your existing space. We’ll analyze your foundation, measurements, and other structural details to determine how to best construct your available space and add to your home in a meaningful way.

Commercial Design

The right building design motivates clients and employees, improves your organization’s energy and flow, and bolsters your success. Commercial design requires a definitive understanding of the multifunctional uses of your place and the necessary permits it requires. Successful commercial design projects require clear communication, responsive parties, and a clear path forward from start to finish.

Design Consulting

Design consulting requires a deep understanding of your wants and needs. We love getting to know our clients and learning what they like. Then, we find ways to turn their visions into beautiful, functional structures that integrate with the environment.

Permit Coaching

Permits are a necessary evil. Don’t let your dreams get detoured by building codes, fire-related codes, or a failure to be ADA compliant. We’ll help you master the permitting and bidding phases of architectural design to ensure your project’s approval.